(toll free) This is what our customers say about 1 Good website. Helpful to see picture of tire.
Lynda L. from Macamic/QC on 07/01/2014 2 I love your good tire for lower cost
Ragu B. from Toronto /ON on 09/10/2013 3 Only place I could find unusual size tires for an older motorhome
Graham G. from Musquodoboit Hbr/NS on 08/09/2013 4 This is the third time I have dealt with you and find that your service is excellent .Thankyou
Robert C. from Brampton/ON on 07/08/2013 5 Easy to use, reasonable prices,
David M. from Pickering/ON on 05/07/2013 6 I have ordered tires from you in the past and your service and fast delivery was excellent.
Harold M. from Wasaga Beah/ON on 04/17/2013 7 Great Selection in tires!
Ryan D. from Toronto/ON on 04/02/2013 8 Great experience. :)
Brad W. from St. Joachim/ON on 03/05/2013 9 pretty easy and simple good job
Luigi B. from lemoyne/QC on 01/16/2013 10 Was nice to find these tires at such a good price - even with shipping, it's better than I could do locally. Web site works well, and the shopping process, with checkout, shipping information, full disclosure on taxes, fees, etc. was very satisfactory. I'll let you know if things don't turn out as expected!!
H B. from Calgary/AB on 12/23/2012

11 The site is easy to maneuver around.
Winston L. from Edmonton/AB on 11/14/2012 12 competitive pricing, fair shipping rates
Claudio D. from Newmarket/ON on 11/10/2012 13 very good price
Sylvain G. from Terrebonne/QC on 10/31/2012 14 Thank You, your prics are really awesome compared to all the other tire sellers.
Gustavo P. from calgary/AB on 10/12/2012 15 Wow, very good pricing!
Pierre D. from Ste-Catherine-de-Hatley, Qc/QC on 09/29/2012 16 thanks for having great sizes
michael k. from hamilton /ON on 08/07/2012 17 Great to deal with....Adrian answered my email very quick and made our transaction simple and fast.
Joey A. from Lower Sackville/NS on 07/25/2012 18 great website easy to find what your looking for and the best price's
Drew M. from mission/BC on 07/18/2012 19 great prices
Gordon D. from Tyndall/MB on 05/27/2012 20 Great customer service
Phillip A. from Oakville /ON on 04/26/2012

21 Easy ordering process
Kurt O. from Ottawa/ON on 04/20/2012

22 The online ordering system seems very easy to fallow.
Thomas M. from Calgary/AB on 04/11/2012

23 Had to send some questions by email and got immediate answers and lots of clarity. Thank you to David Lapadus!
Michael G. from Edmonton/AB on 04/10/2012

24 Customer service re: Walter for was very supportive and very pleasant to deal with..
Joseph Y. from Winnipeg, Manitoba/MB on 04/04/2012

25 reasonable prices
Timothy H. from Calgary/AB on 04/04/2012

26 very good prices
kyle n. from deux-montagnes/QC on 03/25/2012

27 Good prices, lots of choice, hoping for a fast delivery
Christian G. from St-Hubert/QC on 03/20/2012

28 Ordering is easy with clear instructions
Rudy F. from Uxbridge/ON on 03/10/2012

29 thank you because 1 save money to shop here. around 60$.
jacquelin n. from lively/QC on 11/24/2011

30 Great selection of products (like WSW) and sizes that are difficult to find elsewhere.
Andrew P. from Toronto/ON on 10/31/2011

31 Prices are very competitive!
Paul J. from Regina/SK on 10/28/2011

32 Second set of tires I have ordered from tires easy
Chris M. from Edmonton/AB on 09/16/2011

33 Only place that was able to find my size of tire.
Andrew H. from Calgary/AB on 09/07/2011

34 Pretty easy to find stuff, and you have product that is seemingly unobtainium anywhere else.
James P. from Regina/ON on 08/25/2011

35 This is so helpful to be able to have them shipped -- thank you!
Andrea G. from Kuujjuaq/QC on 08/06/2011

36 thank you
stewart m. from r.r.#2 oleary/PE on 07/27/2011

37 Great Company
Justin G. from Brantford/ON on 07/14/2011

38 I ended up at the U.S. site. The gentleman I caltelephoned directed me to the Canadian site which was easy to walk through and make my purchase.
David S. from Sylvan Lake/AB on 04/27/2011

39 Ordering was fairly simple, now lets see how the rest goes.
Edward M. from Calgary/AB on 04/05/2011

40 this is a good website to find out some tires....its really cheap price and very good shipping .
cedryk l. from saint-jean-sur-richelieu/QC on 03/09/2011

41 Even though shipping is a bit pricier than other companies, the tires are much cheaper which make up for it and the huge product selection is quite excellent. I will be making all future purchases with Tires-Easy. This spring, I'll be ordering a set for my Bentley Continental Flying Spur.
Kevin K. from Calgary/AB on 02/19/2011

42 Great selection
Angela L. from Hamilton/ON on 12/02/2010

43 Phone Consult was very helpful. Very good price.
Jason A. from Calgary/AB on 11/21/2010

44 Easy to follow and order.
Ana L. from North Las Vegas/NV on 04/22/2010

45 Great prices and easy
Ernest G. from Calhoun/GA on 04/22/2010

46 I have ordered before with very good experience.
Mary Jo S. from Monticello /KY on 04/22/2010

47 Always great service.
Jack N. from Olympia/WA on 04/22/2010

48 best prices!
Tod M. from Troutdale/OR on 04/22/2010

49 Great web-site, easy to navigate with a huge selection of tires.
Eddie H. from Zanesville/OH on 04/21/2010

50 Great website, killer prices, great past service.
Rich B. from Charlton/MA on 04/21/2010

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