Hankook Tire Rebate

Hankook Tire Canada Winter Tire Rebate

The Hankook Winter Tire Rebate  is offered on purchases of a set of 4 tires from the following tread styles:

Rebate Amounts by Tread Style Name
$100 $60 $50
Winter I*cept Evo2 (W320) Winter I*Pike RS (W419) Dynapro AT-M (RF10)
Winter I*cept Evo2 SUV (W320A) Winter I*Pike (W409)  
Winter I*cept iZ2 (W616) Winter I*Pike RW11 (RW11)  

All claims must be received by Hankook Tire Canada by Jan 31st, 2019. Hankook will send you a Mastercard loaded with the dollar amount according the the tread style purchased in 8 to 10 weeks following receipt. Thanks for shopping with us!

To submit your rebate, please click here.

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