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Durun Tires

Durun Tires

The Durun Tire brand is masterminded by a leading Chinese manufacturing company, and is known as one of the best low-cost tire providers on the market. Every product must match up to quality assurance standards in America, so the functionality of the tires is never compromised in order to keep costs low.

The Durun name is trusted among drivers with all kinds of vehicles; primarily sedans, sport coupes, SUVs, and Crossovers. But, the brand also carries a wide variety of products for other vehicle types. For example, the Durun STCI is a great low-cost option for trailer towing, and the Durun MT tires are specifically designed for muddy terrains and off-roading vehicles.

Durun M626 Tire: This unique tire offered from Durun is specially designed for a sporty driving experience for any type of passenger vehicle, including sedans, SUVs, and Crossovers. Their low-profile design gives any car a sportier appearance, while the quality make of the tire, along with extreme plus fitments, offers superior performance.

Durun M626 Sport One Performance Tires: This specific model from the M626 line uses a unique asymmetric tread pattern that can withstand high speeds without losing grip or traction on the road. In addition, these tires feature aquaplaning resistance for smooth handling, as well as a quiet ride with silica technology to increase the tire’s tread life. This model offers multiple sizes for 20 to 28-inch rims.

Durun Trailer Tires: The Durun STCI tire is an excellent low-cost option for trailers of multiple sizes. These tires are made with a robust radial for both utility and camper trailers to resist wear and punctures, and its durable tread provides the strong grip needed to haul heavy loads.

You can’t argue with the Durun tire reviews from satisfied customers - who agree that this brand offers a superior tire at a truly affordable price. Be sure to look at all the Durun options Tires Easy carries and use our tire selector tool to find the perfect fit.

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