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Firestone Tires

Firestone Tires

A highly trusted brand, Firestone Tires has a full range of long-lasting all-season tires, performance tires, SUV tires, LT tires and winter tires.  Firestone Tires are a part of automotive history. From their humble beginnings in 1900 to a brand recognized around the world today, Firestone gained notoriety due to years of work with Ford and other OE manufacturers, imaginative advertising campaigns, reliable products and a winning record on the racetrack. In fact, Firestone has been involved in motorsports since 1911 with the tires first appearance, and win, at the Indianapolis 500.  They were also the original supplier for tires on the Ford Model-T.  Firestone has now merged with Bridgestone Tires, but continues to make good, solid tires at decent prices, for all types of vehicles.

Firestone Tires for Sport Coupes, Touring Sedans and CUVs

All Firestone tires are designed to deliver a comfortable ride, excellent handling, safety in all weather conditions and long mileage.  Here are some of the features and benefits of the most popular tire styles:

  • Firestone FR710 tire: reliable grip and long mileage for standard passenger cars. Most sizes have a 65,000 mile warranty.   The tread rubber is formulated for grip in all weather conditions with a pattern that evacuates water, and slush easily.
  • Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter tire: best-in-class fuel economy and great value. It has a little less all-season traction capabilities than the FR710, but has a 70,000 mile warranty in most sizes. The tire is lighter and has less rolling resistance thanks to special compounds in the tread. This means the tire is more fuel efficient; with up to 1% better fuel economy compared to other Firestone tires.
  • Firestone Precision Touring tire: comfortable and long-lasting for economy coupes and sedans. With a 70,000 mile warranty in most sizes, the Firestone Precision Touring also offers long mileage, but with more of a performance handling feel compared to the Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter or Firestone FR710.

High Performance Tires for Sports Cars and Luxury Crossovers

Firestone Firehawk tires have a long racing heritage. Firestone has used racing as a testing ground to improve the performance of their street tires. This means better handling and grip on city streets and on the highways. The Firestone Firehawk tires all have computer-modeled high performance treads for great handling during spirited driving, as well as stiffer sidewalls and reinforcements for precise and accurate feedback to steering input.

  • Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval A/S tire: a popular race inspired all-season performance tire which comes in a wide range of sizes.  Allows you to get the most out of your sport coupe or luxury CUV on dry and wet roads thanks to an all-season tread compound and wide open grooves to efficiently evacuate water from under the tread.
  • Firestone Wide Oval Indy 500 tire: For muscle car owners, the heritage of the original Wide Oval Sup-R-Belt from the late 1960s lives on in this state-of-the-art tire.  Easily handles the high horsepower and torque of late model American muscle cars like Ford Mustangs, Dodge Challengers and Chevy Cameros. The tread has the classic look of swept back grooves. Like the original Wide-oval back in the 1960s, this tire continues to be a benchmark for enthusiasts looking for attractive styling, long mileage and responsive handling.

Durable Light Truck tires for Pick-up Trucks, SUVs, and Commercial Vans

All Firestone light truck tires have a combination of polyester and steel casing construction for added durability so they stand up to heavier loads and mixed usage.

  • Firestone Transforce HT tire: a super durable all-season highway tire. Has extra steel belts for really harsh commercial applications where overloading and extra reinforcement is needed.
  • Firestone Transforce AT tire: If you venture off pavement, into muddy job sites, or on gravel roads, then more all-terrain traction is needed. The AT has the same strong casing as the Transforce HT. Both tires feature high modulus tread compounds which are resistant to rapid wear and all-season tread patterns with deep shoulder slots and wide circumferential grooves to evacuate water, but the AT has a much more aggressive, open tread pattern.
  • Firestone Destination LE2 tire or Firestone Destination LE tire are the best options for regular highway and light all-terrain usage for a commuter or utility vehicle. The Firestone Destination tire line-up provides a more comfortable ride than the Firestone Transforce HT or Transforce AT. The casing construction is strong, but does not have the extra steel cap belt or as stiff a sidewall, so a much better ride for regular commuting and running errands around town.

Firestone Winter Tires

Winter tires are not just for snow and ice traction. Anyone driving on cold dry roads can benefit from winter tires because the tread rubber in winter tires is formulated to stay more pliable and soft at colder temperatures. Even if you live in a climate with dry winters, if the temperature averages around the freezing point, dedicated winter tires are the safest option. Firestone has several winter tire styles for all types of vehicles:

  • Firestone Winterforce tire: for touring sedans, commuter cars and sporty coupes. It has a directional tread pattern and tread rubber compound optimized for better traction on cold dry roads, snow covered roads, slush or on icy roads.
  • Firestone Winterforce LT tire: all the great snow traction and grip on ice as the regular Winterforce tire, but in larger reinforced sizes for extra load carrying capacity.
  • Firestone Winterforce UV tire: T-rated sizes for luxury Crossovers and even some H-rated sizes for performance oriented utility vehicles. The tires are also pinned for studs if you need even more traction in deep snow and roads covered in ice during the winter months.

Agricultural Tires

Since 1932, when Harvey S. Firestone produced the world’s first pneumatic tractor tire, Firestone has developed a reputation as a leader in agricultural tires. Tried and true, each of their tire models are tested extensively across hundreds of acres of fields known as the Firestone Farm Test Tire Center in Ohio. Firestone is particularly well known for R1 tractor rear tires.

  • Firestone Super All Traction 23° R-1 tractor tire and the updated Firestone Super All Traction II 23°tractor tire: for 2WD farm tractors, 4WD farm tractors, or mechanical front wheel drive combines. They come as the original equipment tires from John Deere, Kubota, and New Holland Tractors. The tread and construction of the tires are for uniform wear, long wear and usage, minimal ride vibration and low soil compaction.  The rubber compounds are also formulated for chip and ozone cracking resistance to ensure the tires are not removed from service before the tread wears out completely.
  • Firestone Champion Spade Grip tire is designed for deep wet soil conditions like sugar cane fields and rice paddies. It has an extra-deep 45° tread for better traction in really soupy mud and deep water. The curved tread bars promote self-cleaning of the mud from between the blocks.

Whether you need a set of tires for your hot-rod, F150, sub-compact economy car, luxury SUV/CUV or even a farm tractor, Firestone has a tire for you.   Every tire is backed by Firestone's heritage of high performance and experience building reliable products. So with the great prices available on Tires-easy, you can be assured of excellent value.

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