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Mirage Tires

Mirage Tires

Mirage Tires produce a full range of budget all-season and winter tires for passenger cars, trucks, mini vans and SUVs. They are best known for their performance in extreme weather conditions, be it the extreme cold of the Canadian north, or the hot summer heat of the southwest United States. The brand is very popular in Europe and is now available in North America on tires-easy. All the tires are extremely well priced, and ready for immediate shipment.

Mirage Winter Tires

All Mirage winter tires offer improved traction on dry and cold roads thanks to special winter tread rubber that stays much more pliable at colder temperatures than the tread rubber in all-season tires. Mirage winter tires also feature treads that are heavily siped (small grooves in the tread blocks). This means that there are always hundreds of biting edges in contact with the road at any given time.

       Mirage MR-W662 tire - for crossover vehicles and luxury SUVs that take higher speed rated tires.

       Mirage MR - W562 tire - available in H and V rated winter tire sizes for performance sedans and sporty coupes.

       Mirage MR-WT172 tire - for economy sedans, compacts and sub compact cars and small CUVs.

So, in additon to excellent all-season tires at low prices, there is sure to be a Mirage winter tire for your passenger car, CUV or SUV available at Tires-Easy.

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