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Pegasus Tires

Pegasus Tires

Pegasus tires are economically priced tires manufactured in China.  Tires-Easy has the four most popular models of Pegusus tires; the Minos Touring tire, and three different styles of the Advata for SUVs, Crossovers and light trucks.

Pegasus Tires is a subsidiary brand of Qingdao Pegasus Rubber Company which was created in 1996. Qingdao takes pride in building low cost tires with the most durable materials, and rubber compounds that are specially formulated for long tread-life.

The Minos Radial comes in sizes and speed ratings for most economy and high end sedans and coupes. For the price, this is an excellent tire, but while it is classified as an all-season tire, this tire is ideally suited for those climates that do not get heavy snowfall or extreme cold. If you have an SUV, Crossover, pickup or van, the Pegasus Advata has a long mileage highway tire, a sporty performance tire, and an all-terrain tire for you to pick from according to your needs.

Finding the right tire for your vehicle has never been easier. Check out Tires Easy’s selection of Pegasus tires, for the perfect set of tires for your budget, climate and driving style.  

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