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Tire Recycling Fees In Canada

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In all Canadian provinces except Ontario, all tire retailers are obliged to collect a tire recycling fee on the sale of new tires. The tire retailer remits 100% of the fees collected to the provincial agency responsible for the disposal and management of used tires.

While none of us like to pay extra fees on our purchases, tires are not biodegradable, and must be collected and treated at special recycling plants after their useful life on a vehicle is over. This activity is funded by the money collected and remitted on your tire purchase by retailers like Tires-easy. For this reason, the tire fee on new tire purchases is often referred to as an Advance Disposal Fee. Every year, Tires-easy and the other retailers in your area send the fees collected to government designated agencies responsible to collect and recycle tires in your province.  CATRA ( Canadian Association of Tire Recycling Agencies ) works with the different provincial agencies to enhance the effectiveness of each agency’s program, and provide a strong commitment to the environment. 

How Is the Money Collected Re-invested in Recycling Tires?

The mission of the Canadian provincial tire recycling agencies who receive the funds collected by the retailers, is to create a sustainable, positive value for end-of-life tires. To do this, the worn tires must first be collected, so a portion of the money goes towards the collection and recovery of end-of-life tires. Another portion of the money is used to fund research and development of new processing technologies so the recycled rubber can be used in new, innovative and efficient ways.  For example, in many parts of the world, recycled tires are burned as Tire-Derived-Fuel (TDF). This is an acceptable, but low-grade use of worn tires. Higher value, more sustainable uses of end-of-life tires include:

  • Athletic/recreational surfaces
  • Molded and extruded products like mats and bumpers
  • Rubber modified asphalt and sealants
  • Rubber compounds used in tire retreads and new tires
  • Garden Mulch

How Much Are the Tire Recycling Fees?

The fees you pay vary depending on the location you ship to the tires to. For example, if you live in Prince Edward Island, but you ship the tires to an address in New Brunswick, you will pay the New Brunswick Fee. The following table shows how much Tires-easy collects on behalf of each provincial agency:

Recycle fee price chart for each Providence in Canada

Large agricultural, industrial or off the road tires incur much higher recycle fees per tire.  The cost depends on the classification of the tire and the size.

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