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Best Selling Michelin Tires in Canada

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Michelin Tire’s reputation for quality and reliability is legendary. The reason isn’t just the great advertising and the iconic Michelin man!  Michelin invests heavily in research and design to build the best tires for the unique driving needs of Canadians, and the ever-changing summer and winter road conditions in Canada.  Michelin’s focus on building long lasting tires that provide safe …

Continental Tire Tests the new VikingContact 7 in Canada for Fall 2019

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Continental announced that they are expanding their North American winter tire lineup by adding the new VikingContact 7. Winter performance testing was done in Canada in February, and plans are to release this new tire in Fall 2019.   The directional tread pattern on the VikingContact 7 offers a balance of flexibility for cold, slippery road conditions and a stiffness …

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Tire Recycling Fees In Canada

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In all Canadian provinces except Ontario, all tire retailers are obliged to collect a tire recycling fee on the sale of new tires. The tire retailer remits 100% of the fees collected to the provincial agency responsible for the disposal and management of used tires. While none of us like to pay extra fees on our purchases, tires are not …