Continental Tire Tests the new VikingContact 7 in Canada for Fall 2019

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Continental announced that they are expanding their North American winter tire lineup by adding the new VikingContact 7. Winter performance testing was done in Canada in February, and plans are to release this new tire in Fall 2019.


Continental Viking Contact 7 tire and wheel

The Continental Viking Contact 7 is a new Directional Winter tire

The directional tread pattern on the VikingContact 7 offers a balance of flexibility for cold, slippery road conditions and a stiffness for stability and longer tread life. The Continental VikingContact 7 will carry the three-peak/mountain snowflake designation, designating it for severe winter snow service.


The Continental VikingContact 7 has a Nordic tread compound made with active silica for enhanced grip on wet roads while the rapeseed oil additive keeps the tread compound flexible in extreme cold conditions.  The directional tread design features a unique groove network that reduces hydroplaning on wet and slushy roads. The interlocking tread blocks also improve traction and stability on snow. The multiple 3D sipes on the VikingContact 7 adds to increased traction while braking on snow-or ice-covered roads.


The Continental VikingContact 7 will be available in many sizes from a 15-20-inch rim diameter and have speed ratings of T and H. The Viking Contact 7 will join the lineup of the seven other Continental winter tires available in Canada and the United States.

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