Tire Basics Knowledge

Tire Basics

Storing Tires

We recommend the following steps be taken when you are storing tires:

  1. Avoid storing a vehicle with weight on its tires for long periods of time, as it will cause flat spots. Ideally the vehicle should be placed on jack stands to take the weight off the tires.
  2. Avoid storing the tires in direct sunlight.
  3. Clean each tire from brake dust, dirt and grime before storing.
  4. Do not apply tire dressings on the tires. Most of these products shine the tire temporarily, rob the tire of chemical agents that prevent drying of the rubber. If you have used shine products, wash your tires with soap and water and scrub well.
  5. Avoid any moisture and remove as much air as practical if tires stored on the rim. Place each tire in an airtight plastic bag to help reduce oil evaporation and then cover the sealed bag with a Tire Tote.
  6. When tires are stacked against each other, they should be stored with white wall or white letter tires with the colored side against each other (white-to-white and black-to-black). This prevents staining of the white rubber, if not kept in plastic bags.
  7. Store tires in a cool, dry place preferably in a dry basement or climate-controlled workshop to avoid hot and cold temperatures, as well as seasonal precipitation and humidity.

These precautions and procedures will help slow the aging process of your tires when not in continual use on your vehicle.

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